Ugrashrava ( उग्रश्रवा ) or Maharsi Sūta ( श्री सूत जी ) was the narrator of several Puranas, including Mahābhārata, Bhagavata Purana, Harivamsa and Padma Purana.

His narrations typically taking place before the sages gathered in Naimisaranya. He was the son of Lomaharshana, a disciple of Ved Vyasa
The entire Mahābhārata epic was structured as a dialogue between Ugrasrava (the narrator) and sage Saunaka (the listener).
The narration of the history of King Bharata by sage Vaisampayana to Kuru king Janamejaya was embedded within this narration of Ugrasrava. Vaisampayana’s narration in turn contains the narration of Kurukshetra War by Sanjaya, to Kuru king Dhritarashtra. Thus Mahābhārata has as a Story within a story structure.

The Mahābhārata begins by introducing Ugrasrava:
लोमहर्षणपुत्र उग्रश्रवा: सौति: पौराणिको
नैमिषारण्ये शौनकस्य कुलपतेर्द्वादशवार्षिके सत्रे !!

“Ugrasrava, the son of Lomaharshana, surnamed Sauti, well-versed in the Puranas, one day approached the great sages who was attending the twelve year sacrifice of Kulpati Saunaka, in the forest of Naimisaranya.” (Mahabharata 1:1)

The most popular Satnarayan Vrat Katha, was also narrated by Maharsi Sūta, in Naimiṣāraṇya to the rishi’s who were performing a 1,000 year yajna for the benefit of mankind led by Śaunaka.


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