If a soul liberated,  than there is no rebirth in next cycle of creation.

As Lord Krishna himself said in Bhagavat Gita ch. 9 Verse 21

 अव्यक्तोऽक्षर इत्युक्तस्तमाहु: परमां गतिम् |
यं प्राप्य न निवर्तन्ते तद्धाम परमं मम || 21||

“That supreme abode is called unmanifested and infallible, and it is the supreme destination. When one goes there, he never comes back. That is My supreme abode.”

Another verse mentioned by Lord Krishna in Bhagavat Gita ch. 15 Verse 6

 न तद्भासयते सूर्यो न शशाङ्को न पावक: |
यद्गत्वा न निवर्तन्ते तद्धाम परमं मम || 6||
“Neither the sun nor the moon, nor fire can illumine that supreme abode of mine. Having gone there, one does not return to this material world again.”


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