What is the meaning of Urukrama ?

Ururkrama (उरुक्रमः) उरुक्रमः = उरु (great) + क्रमः (strides) It is an adjective used...
पराञ्चि खानि

What is meaning of word “पराञ्चि खानि”?

"पराञ्चि खानि" word is used in Kathopanishad Chapter 1 Section 2 verse 1 पराञ्चि खानि व्यतृणत्स्वयंभूस्तस्मात्पराङ्पश्यति नान्तरात्मन्‌।कश्चिद्धीरः प्रत्यगात्मानमैषदावृत्तचक्षुरमृतत्वमिच्छन्‌...

What is the meaning of word “विषासहि”?

विषासहि - is a name for Agni Adi Shankara in the commentary for Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 2.1.7 has given...

What is meaning of word “मातरिश्वा”?

मातरिश्वा is derived from मातरिश्वन्  मातरिश्वा means मातरि अन्तरीक्षे श्वयति इति ( air which blew in space )

What is the meaning of word “जातवेदा” ?

जातवेदा is derived from the word जातवेदस् - meaning "having whatever is born or created as his property"...
जघन्य अपराध​

How this word called as “जघन्य” was originated ?

The meaning of word जघन्य - जघने भवः यत् (any action done by using legs and thighs) Therefore जघन्य...
Kshapanaka Katha (क्षपणक–कथा)Kshapanaka Katha (क्षपणक–कथा)

Story of Jain monk

Introduction of the story  This story is taken from Panchatantra (पञ्चतन्त्र) and is called as Kshapanaka Katha (क्षपणक–कथा). Kshapanaka means...

How this word “Putr” was derived ?

As mentioned in Mahabharata Adi Parva chapter 74 verse 39, When Shakuntala went to King Dushyanta he said this statement towards him.

How this word अत्यस्राक्षीः is formed ?

How this word अत्यस्राक्षीः is formed ? अत्यस्राक्षीः (अति + सृज् धातु ) means to reject ,...

Use of वच् and ब्रू dhatu in Bhagavad Gita​

These two dhatus वच् and ब्रू have many similar forms, so it creates confusion during its usage. We...
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