It is mentioned by Vaishampayana (वैशंपायन) in Mahabharata Vana Parva chapter 44 verse 5

गृहीतास्त्रस्तु कौन्तेयो भ्रातृन् सस्मार पाण्डवः !
पुरंदरनियोगाच्च पञ्चाब्दानवसत् सुखी  !!  

When Arjuna learned the weapon knowledge, he remembered his brothers, but due to Lord Purandra ( Indra) request , he comfortably stayed for five years. (पञ्चाब्दान्  = पञ्च अब्द )

The word “अब्द” – has two meaning 1 A cloud. 2 A year   

This word “अब्द” is used in ending verse of Shiva Sahasranamam mentioned in Mahabharata(Anushasana Parva)

स्तवमेतं प्रयत्नेन सदा रुद्रस्य सन्निधौ ।
अब्दमेकं चरेद्भक्तः प्राप्नुयादीप्सितं फलम् ॥ –  Mahabharata Anushasana Parva  ch 17 verse 171

The one who read this praise of Shiva with devoted efforts in front of Rudra (Shiva) for one year (अब्दमेकं = अब्दम् एकम्), that devotee will get the desired fruits.


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