Hyena 1  – My failure are never ending, wherever I go my bad luck follow me. When will all this end ?

Hyena 2 – You are suffering because of your belief, that this world is Real. Therefore you take achievements are Real

Remember death is only truth, some die with memory of achievements & some die with memory of failure

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    • Sir, Thanks for your comment, we are still a new website. So it took time to see your feedback. Regarding your query, that best achievement a man can get is to know the path of liberation, it can also remove this sense of limitation within ourselves. I am student of Vedanta. Vedanta is philosophy which can liberate a man, I have been studying Vedanta since many years.
      My suggestion to you is that, please start from Bhagavat Gita, if you develop more interest, than seek a Vedanta teacher. God Bless you


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