Can the soul experience vision, sound, touch without a body?

No, this not possible because what is called as experience is nothing more than the sense and mind validation.

Suppose if Anesthesia is given to a person for going to deep sleep, and after he wakes up than what is his experience ? Deep Sleep state has no experience, as the senses are not there to register anything. It is the absence of senses & mind.

Body ( senses & mind) are the mandatory requirements for any experience.

After death, can our soul see the journey of the soul from Earth to various lokas?

No, this is not possible. Body has qualities of seeing & registering the same, but a soul who is formless it cannot be a seer of anything. Soul doesn’t haves eyes, eyes is a quality of physical body.

There is a journey after the death of body, it is belief. It will never happen, because the Atman ( soul ) has been mentioned as Location-less, timeless & formless entity in the Upanishads.

For a journey to happen, you need to be a form, which is located at a particular place within a certain time. They all are not applicable for the Soul.


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