No, we donot need of Vedas or Upanishads.

As a physical body one needs unlimited sex, unlimited pleasures, unlimited Gulab Jamun, unlimited foreign travels and many such things to entertain him.

Why we earn money or want to achieve objects ?

Because it is a natural desire to be happy , and happiness comes when one enjoy using his physical body.  We run behind money, girls, houses, lands and want to achieve them. This desire is never ending. In every birth, we want to achieve & become happy.

But the problem is Karma, and their results. Karma always doesn’t give results. or it give results which were not expected.  Suppose if I loved a girl & I made efforts for years for the same, but still I may get her or may not get her.

Results may come or may not come. Every failure to achieve Objects leads to anger, revenge, pain , suffering, problems e.t.c

When one have suffered a lot, than someday he may question –  If I cannot get what I desire than why I am born ?

Than some wise man will answer – please study Vedas & Upanishads,  and figure out that what you are trying to achieve is not the correct purpose.

Who am I ? Why I am born ?  these are not the natural questions which everyone asks.  Upanishads have answers for these questions.


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