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How this word is formed – “मिष्ठान” ?

मिष्ठान The correct word is "मिष्टान्न" , which is wrongly pronounced and used as "मिष्ठान"

What is the meaning of word “विषूची” ?

विषूची दूरमेते विपरीते विषूची अविद्या या च विद्येति ज्ञाता - कठोपनिषद अध्याय 1.2.4 Meaning

Bhagavata Purana Quotes

जन्तुर्वै भव एतस्मिन् यां यां योनिमनुव्रजेत् ।तस्यां तस्यां स लभते निर्वतिं न विरज्यते ।।

Mahabharata Quotes

न कर्मणा लभ्यते चिन्तया वानाप्यस्ति दाता पुरूषस्य कश्चित् ।पर्याययोगाद् विहितं विधात्राकालेन सर्वं लभते मनुष्यः ।।

What is the meaning of the word “Vriddhashrava” ?

Vriddhashrava Vriddhashrava (वृद्धश्रवाः) - one whose fame or glory is spread everywhere. वृद्धश्रवाः = वृद्धश्रवस् इति ...

Importance of experience highlighted by Keno Upanishad

Importance of Experience As highlighted in these two verses of Keno Upanishad, knowledge or scriptures can act as enabler...

What is meaning of Vedanta statement “कस्मिन् विज्ञाते सर्वमिदं विज्ञातं भवतीति”?

Rishi Shaunaka question to Angiras According to Mundkopanishad 1.1.3 , the rishi Shaunaka (शौनक) went to rishi Angiras (अङ्गिरस) to learn...

Who is Gargi Vachaknavi ?

Gargi Vachaknavi Gargi (गार्गी) or Vachaknavi (वाचक्नवी) was a female sage and philosopher. In the sixth...

Dialogue between Gargi and Yajnavalkya

Gargi and Yajnavalkya In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 3:8 , the dialogue between Gargi and Yajnavalkya are mentioned.

Hiranyagarbha Suktam

Hiranyagarbha Suktam (हिरण्यगर्भ सूक्तम्) Hiranyagarbha Suktam (हिरण्यगर्भ सूक्तम्) is the 121st hymn of the tenth mandala of the Rigveda.

Brahma Loka has recurrence ( again birth & again death)

Brahma Loka has recurrence Main points which are highlighted by Lord Krishna, in these five verses of Bhagavata Gita...

Story of King Saudasa who is cursed by the Sage Vasishtha

Lineage of King Bhagiratha Bhagiratha had a son named Sruta (श्रुत), whose son was Nabha (नाभ). Nabha had a...

What is source and meaning of phrase “Charaiveti Charaiveti” ?

Charaiveti Charaiveti ( चरैवेति चरैवेति ) Charaiveti means Keep Moving चरैवेति = चर् धातुः (लोट्लकारः मध्यमपुरुष एकवचन​...

Do Vedas talk about rebirth or reincarnation?

Vedas view on Rebirth Brihadaranyaka Upanishad says about the rebirth. The text is contained within the Shatapatha Brahmana,...

Importance of Donation

दक्षि॑णावन्तो अ॒मृतं॑ भजन्ते॒ दक्षि॑णावन्त॒: प्र ति॑रन्त॒ आयु॑: - Rig Veda 1.125.6 दक्षि॑णाऽवन्तः। अ॒मृत॑म्। भ॒ज॒न्ते॒। दक्षि॑णाऽवन्तः।...

What are Upaveda ?

Upaveda (उपवेदः) Upaveda -  The term Upaveda refers to applied knowledge or a subject derived from each Veda.

What is the source and meaning of Gayatri Mantra ?

Gayatri Mantra (गायत्री मन्त्र) The Gayatri (गायत्री) Mantra, also known as the Savitri (सवित्री ) Mantra, is a mantra...

What are Shanti Mantra and when are they recited?

Shanti Mantra or Peace Mantra Shanti Mantra or “Peace Mantra” are Hindu prayers for peace from the Vedas, where...

What does Om (ॐ) signify?

Symbol Om (ॐ) Om (ॐ)  is a symbol representing Atman (soul) or Brahman (ultimate reality).  It is often found...

Who are eleven Rudras ? How they were born ?

Who are Rudras ? In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 3.9.4 , Rishi Sakalya (शाकल्य ) ask to the...

Who was Rishi Yajnavalkya ?

Rishi Yajnavalkya (याज्ञवल्क्य) Yajnavalkya(याज्ञवल्क्य) is a Vedic sage of Hinduism. Yajnavalkya is credited to be the one who coined...

Difference between Mantra, Suktam, Shloka, Stotram and Stuti ?

Mantra (मंत्र)   is a sacred utterance, a syllable or group of words believed to have psychological and spiritual...

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