Does my consciousness die, when I sleep ? No

When you are awake then you perceive this world by five senses & mind. Your senses and Mind make you aware that you exists.

but when you sleep without dream (deep sleep), than that is non – perception of this physical body & senses. It doesn’t mean you have stop existing. As a consciousness you still exits.

Let take another example, when you given anesthesia than what happens ? You go to deep sleep, there are no world, no body, no senses, no dreams e.t.c

But after you wake up, you says that I was sleeping during this time, because for a human being seeing is only existence. We cannot think of a existence beyond the senses.

When you sleep consciousness remain without the senses & mind. and when you wake up the consciousness reflect through the senses and mind. Consciousness never changes, it remain when you are in physical body and it remain when you cast away the physical body ( by sleep or by death ).


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