Why Indra is called as Shatakratu ( शतक्रतु ) ?

As mentioned in Mahabharata Shantiparva Chapter 33 verse 39   

मरुद्भिः सह जित्वारीन् भगवान् पाकशासनः । 

एकैकं क्रतुमाहृत्य शतकृत्वः शतक्रतुः  ।।  

Lord Paksan Indra after defeating his enemies along with Marutas ( मरुद् गण​ ), performed hundred Ashvamedha yagna, one after another and due to this he become famous as Shatakratu ( शतक्रतु )

Shatakratu ( शतक्रतु ) –  The one who has performed 100 (शत) yagna’s ( क्रतु)       


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