What is meaning of “सावयव” ?

सावयव - means "composed of parts" निरवयव - without parts  अवयव (...

What is the meaning of word “अननूच्य​” ?

Annucya (अननूच्य) अनूच्य  ( अनु + वच + ल्यप् ) - Learned In case of वच...
भूतकृद्भूतभृद्भावो भूतात्मा भूतभावनः

Compound words for “bhuta”

Bhuta भूत - भाव्यते स्मेति , living being or elements भूतभृत् - भूतानि बिभर्ति...
नमस्ते नमस्तुभ्यम् नमस्तस्यै

What is meaning of words “Nasamte” , “Namastasye” & “Namastubhyam” ?

Nasamte (नमस्ते) Namaste (नमस्ते), also called namaskar is a Hindu tradition to greet and respect a person.

What is the meaning of word “अनसूयवे” ?

अनसूयवे - is made from अनसूयु​: ( उकारान्तः पुंलिङ्गः चतुर्थी एकवचनम् ) अनसूयु​: - the one...

What is the meaning of word “अपिधान”?

Apidhan (अपिधान) अपिधान means Covering, concealing अनृत  means false, not true
lineage of Hinduism

How lineage is derived in Hindu Scriptures ?

In Sanskrit Grammar, there are taddhita-pratyaya ( suffix ) which when added to noun, pronoun and adjective creates a new word.

How this word भरतर्षभ:, पुरुषर्षभः formed ?

Bharatarsabha (भरतर्षभ:) Bharatarsabha (भरतर्षभ:) is a epithet used for Arjuna in Bhagavata Gita, because he belong to lineage of King Bharata....

What is the meaning of Urukrama ?

Ururkrama (उरुक्रमः) उरुक्रमः = उरु (great) + क्रमः (strides) It is an adjective used...
पराञ्चि खानि

What is meaning of word “पराञ्चि खानि”?

"पराञ्चि खानि" word is used in Kathopanishad Chapter 1 Section 2 verse 1 पराञ्चि खानि व्यतृणत्स्वयंभूस्तस्मात्पराङ्पश्यति नान्तरात्मन्‌।कश्चिद्धीरः प्रत्यगात्मानमैषदावृत्तचक्षुरमृतत्वमिच्छन्‌...
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