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Vidura Niti (विदुर निति)

Vidura Niti, is a dialogue between Vidura and King Dhritarashtra, which appears in Mahabharata Udyog Parva (Chapters 33–40).

When Dhritarashtra was sent Sanjay to meet Pandavas in the forest, and gave them message for maintaining peace and avoid a war. Than Pandavas replied that they seek either Indraprastha kingdom or five villages, that can only avoid a war. When Sanjaya returned to Dhritarashtra and gave pandavas message that a war is unavoidable if Kauravas doesn’t accept their demand.

On that night Dhritarashtra was not able to sleep and was continuously worried about the future. Dhritarashtra summons Vidura for counsel, confesses that Sanjaya’s message caused him sleeplessness. Dhritarashtra asks for guidance and wisdom from Vidura.

Sage Vidura narrate a discourse that is referred to as Vidura-Niti. It describes the character and qualities of wise men. It also describe the duties and actions of kings that enables a prosperous kingdom.

Where is Vidura Niti (विदुर निति) mentioned ?

Vidura Niti is found in Prajagara Parva (प्रजागर पर्व​​) within Udyog Parva of Mahabharata (Chapters 33–40).

प्रजागरः means Lying awake at night, sleeplessness

प्र + जागृ + “ ॠदोरप् । “ ३ । ३ । ५७ । +अप् । – प्रकर्षेण जागरणम् ।


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