आब्रह्मभुवनाल्लोका पुनरावर्तिन

Brahma Loka has recurrence

Main points which are highlighted by Lord Krishna, in these five verses of Bhagavata Gita – Chapter 8

  1. Moksha is not going to particular loka, because even people going to Brahma Loka again take birth.
  2. All Lokas are limited by time and exists within time.
  3. All being are bound by Brahma’s Day and Brahma’s night ( kalpa )
  4. Supreme Unmanifest (Atman) which is not bound by time and is not get destroyed during Brahma’s night

आब्रह्मभुवनाल्लोका: पुनरावर्तिनोऽर्जुन |
मामुपेत्य तु कौन्तेय पुनर्जन्म न विद्यते || 16||

O Arjuna , There is recurrence  in all lokas till Brhamaloka, but there is no recurrence when one achieve me.

सहस्रयुगपर्यन्तमहर्यद्ब्रह्मणो विदु: |
रात्रिं युगसहस्रान्तां तेऽहोरात्रविदो जना: || 17

Brahma’s one day has duration of 1000 chaturyuga and similarly Brahma night has duration of 1000 chaturyuga, one who knows this are aware that even brahma creation is also limited by time. Even Brahma day and night has recurrence.

अव्यक्ताद्व्यक्तय: सर्वा: प्रभवन्त्यहरागमे |
रात्र्यागमे प्रलीयन्ते तत्रैवाव्यक्तसञ्ज्ञके || 18

All this living beings take form at the beginning of Brahma’s day from the Brahma and resolve at the beginning of Brahma’s night into the Brahma.

भूतग्राम: स एवायं भूत्वा भूत्वा प्रलीयते |
रात्र्यागमेऽवश: पार्थ प्रभवत्यहरागमे || 19

All these living beings because of the Maya , get birth again and again at the beginning of Brahma’ day and resolve in the beginning of Brahma’s night.

परस्तस्मात्तु भावोऽन्योऽव्यक्तोऽव्यक्तात्सनातन: |
य: स सर्वेषु भूतेषु नश्यत्सु न विनश्यति || 20

But apart from this Brahma, there is another Supreme Unmanifest who is never destroyed; even when all beings get destroyed. ( which is called a Atman )

Brahma Day or Kalpa

1000 Chaturyuga are called one day of Brahma or Kalpa. All this creation remain within the Brahma day and when the Brahma’s day is ended it is the start of Pralaya.

There are 14 Manus within one day of Brahma (Kalpa)


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