जघन्य अपराध​

The meaning of word जघन्य – जघने भवः यत् (any action done by using legs and thighs)

Therefore जघन्य also means “low value actions”, when compared with the actions done by brain or hands.

It is mentioned in Mahabharata – Shanti Parva Chapter 112 verse 18 ,

When Yudhishthira ask Bhishma about the actions which need to be done by a king ? Bhishma replied by telling a story of a camel and his death due to his sluggishness, there he mentioned “बुद्धिमूलं तु विजयं” meaning “Intelligence alone leads to Victory” , than Bhishma says :

बुद्धिश्रेष्ठानि कर्माणि बाहुमध्यानि भारत।
तानि जङ्घाजघन्यानि भारप्रत्यवराणि च

बुद्धिबल से किये गयें कार्य श्रेष्ठ है। बाहुबल से किये जाने वाले कार्य मध्यम है। जांघ अर्थात पैर से किये जाने वाले कार्य जघन्य ( lowest level) है तथा मस्तक से भार ढोने का कार्य निम्न श्रेणी के है।

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