Story of Vindhya mountain and rishi Agastya

Kulaparvatas ( कुलपर्वत )

Vindhya (विन्ध्यः) is a range of mountain which separates north India from the south; it is one of the seven Kulaparvatas. 

The Vayu Purana (45.88) gives the names of the seven Kulaparvatas.
1. Mahendra (महेन्द्र)
2. Malaya (मलय)
3. Sahya (सह्य)
4. Shuktiman (शुक्तिमान्)
5. Riksha (ऋक्ष)
6. Vindhya (विंध्य)
7. Pariyatra (पारियात्र)

Story of Vindhya mountain and Rishi Agastya

According to a legend in Mahabharata आरण्यकपर्व – chapter 104,

The Vindhya ( विन्ध्यः ) mountain, being jealous of the mount Meru (Himalaya) demanded that the sun should revolve round him also, as sun was revolving round the Meru, which the sun declined to do.

Unhappy with the sun, the Vindhya began to rise higher and higher so as to obstruct the path of the sun and moon.

Rishi Agastya on the request of devata’s approached near the mountain and requested that by bending down he would give him an easy passage to the south, and that he would retain the same position till his return.

This Vindhya agreed to do (because he regarded Agastya as his teacher); but Agastya never returned from the south, and Vindhya never attained the height of Meru (Himalaya).


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