What happens after a person attains moksha?

In Hinduism, the main two philosophies are Mimamsa & Vedanta. We will analyze this question based on these two philosophies.

Moksha according to Mimamsa

This is  a belief of  Mimamsa philosophy that there is no birth, after one dies. So all our actions are directed to achieve the Moksha. Problem is they consider “Jiva ( individual )”, as eternal entity, until it resolve in god or reach heaven.

In heaven one lives as a physical body, but it pleasure and enjoyment are endless, so he will enjoy permanently.

Moksha according to Vedanta

Vedanta says this physical body which is seeking Moksha, is the ever free Atman. Due to ignorance of Maya, it is considering itself as body subject to death and birth.

There is no need for Moksha, as per Vedanta because the atman was never in bondage. The Jiva is false identity of Atman

Does the soul live permanently in heaven with the gods after attaining moksha?

As mentioned above, people believe that heaven is place filled with pleasures and they will never end. There we will live with God.

Soul is not a limited entity, which can enjoy like body. Enjoyment are qualities of Body and not the Atman ( soul )

So if one has to live in heaven with God, he need to go there as a body. Otherwise how will he eat, sleep and talk to  god ?

What karma does the soul perform after attaining moksha?

Another problem, is that we conclude that Actions will never stop. Body requires actions to survive, grow , to feed its hunger. Soul is not affected by all this qualities of being hungry or healthy , therefore no action is required by soul.

Understand the difference between Soul ( Atman ) and body

  • Atman is changeless, it will never grow or take birth or die. They are qualities of Body
  • Atman is not limited to a space, it is wrong to say “soul will go to heaven” , because than it become limited and moveable,  like body.

Vedanta is the only way which will lead to Moksha.


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