अत्र भवति वेदा अवेदाः
अत्र भवति वेदा अवेदाः

There is statement (shruti) in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4.3.22, which says that there is state of Atman, where Vedas become no Vedas or Vedas cannot reach there. the state referred is the Sushupti or deep sleep state.

अत्र पितापिता भवति, मातामाता, लोका अलोकाः, देवा अदेवाः, वेदा अवेदाः । अत्र स्तेनोऽस्तेनो भवति, भ्रूणहाभ्रूणहा, चाण्डालोऽचण्डालः, पौल्कसोऽपौल्कसः, श्रमणोऽश्रमणः,; तापसोऽतापसः, अनन्वागतं पुण्येनानन्वागतं पापेन, तीर्णो हि तदा सर्वाञ्छोकान्हृदयस्य भवति ॥

“In this state a father is no father, a mother no mother, the worlds no worlds, the gods no gods, the Vedas no Vedas. In this state a thief is no thief, the killer of a noble Brahmaṇa no killer, a Chaṇḍala no Chaṇḍala, a Pulkasa no Pulkasa, a monk no monk, a hermit no hermit. (This form of his) is untouched by good work and untouched by evil work, for he is then beyond all the woes of his heart (intellect)”

Meaning of अत्र भवति वेदा अवेदाः

The statement needs to be understand from the point of view of Sushupti (सुषुप्ति)

Statement say in deep sleep state, where there is non-perception of duality, in that state this worldly labels of father, mother, world, god and Vedas are negated.

Vedas, God, World, Mother and Father are empirical reality, whereas absolute reality is Atman.

In Sushupti, nothing of this world is required, including Vedas


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