I have no answer for the above question ? but you need to logically think that why there is need even to raise this question.

  • Human are also a species of Mammal, like other species. Do other species raise questions about their existence or the purpose of life ? No , they eat, grow, survive & die. But since human is awarded with thinking power, it try to find logic behind everything. Why we are born ? What is the purpose of our birth ?
  • Let take the second scenario, suppose within a dream , you raise the question that why I am born with what purpose ? and you receive the answer. Than does that suffice the purpose itself. Because the world and creation itself is fake. It was never existed, and it will go away. Similarly the we were not present before the earth or before our birth ? and we will not be there after the senses & mind don’t work ?

There is a philosophy called as Vedanta. If you study the same to some logical conclusion you can reach. But does it solve any purpose ?

Vedanta says there is no purpose of one’s birth in this world, because the one who consider himself as a physical body, he is not the physical body. He is the soul. the soul which is never born & never die.


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