Four Mutts established by Adi Shankara

Question – Why Vedanta is required ?

Vedanta doesn’t prove the Atman, it is to correct the notion about physical body as our existence. We use shastra and the experience to disapprove the physical body.

Avidhya (अविद्या) doesn’t qualify the truth, nor the knowledge qualify the truth.

Every education presuppose ignorance. But both Education and Ignorance cannot qualify the truth.

Like sound cannot qualify silence, because sound take place within the silence. Sound can have beginning and end, but silence does not have beginning and end. Similarly birth is has a beginning and end, but the Atman does not have any beginning and end

The method of teaching in Vedanta is called as Adhyaropa Apavada Nyaya (अध्यारोपापवाद) अध्यारोप – अपवाद – न्याय
Adhyaropa (अध्यारोप) or false Superimposition – means what is the truth in relation to something
Apavada (अपवाद ) means what is the truth from owns standpoint

Example :
Adhyaropa – Truth with relation to something, like one consider himself as a father with relation to his son
Apavada – there is no Father-ness or the son, understanding oneself as nondual

स्थूल शरिर​ – Physical body

सूक्ष्‍म शरिर – Senses ( Linga Body )

कारण शरिर​ – body which sleep (Causal Body)

Sutle body – 5 faculties, 5 organs , 5 pranas , mind and intellect together

Nyayika and vaishvikas consider consciousness as quality of ATMAN

चिन्मात्रम् – One who has nature as Consciousness

चिदस्वरुपम् – Atman is consciousness

अनुभवस्वरुप – ATMAN

अनुभव विषय​ – World

Jagrat state doesnot replace Sushpati but it takes place within sushpati

Sleep is not a inference, it is the experience.

Pramata – Seerer, hearer, taster, listener

Pratamativam – Adivdhya Kalpitam

There is no negation of experience,

Pratyabhiga –

there is no state where experience is negated

anuvāda (अनुवाद – What men thinks

 Prativāda (प्रतिवाद): – what does shastra think ( contradiction, rejection )


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