Purpose of life in Hinduism

Understand current birth

Lets consider these scenario’s, before answering the question :

  • Suppose if I am born as pygmy in Africa and I was unaware of Hinduism, than what would be my purpose ?
  • If I am Eskimo living in eastern Siberia, than what would be my purpose ?
  • If am born as christian, who never saw Hindu Scriptures, than what would be my purpose ?

Our purpose is not limited by Books or philosophies, because it is decided by my current birth, place and time.

Why there is need for a purpose ?

Our purpose are derived by the belief that “I am born and I am body”. There was no purpose before my birth and there will be no purpose after my death.

Vedanta says that we are not physical bodies, it is a wrong conclusion of Atman. Atman which is never born and never die. It is consider itself as stuck in this cycle of birth and death. ( due to Maya )

During a dream, where this world goes ? – It is our experience that we forget the waking world and believe the dream world as Real. Similarly we believe this world as Real. According to Vedanta, the waking and dream state are same. We are considering this world as Real and permanent, like during dream we consider the dream as Real.

What purpose we have in the dream ?

It is false purpose, due to the power of Maya, we consider dream as Real. Similarly we are considering this waking world as Real. It has no purpose.

Now let forget Vedanta, You are Atman whose identity doesn’t depend on Vedanta. So even if you know Vedanta or not. It doesn’t matter, you were always free.

You are stuck in this world is a conclusion, like you experience bondage in the dream. But when you wake-up the dream bondage is found to be false.


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