Difference between Purusha and Brahman
Difference between Purusha and Brahman

What is Purusha ?

There is nothing called Purusha ( Jiva ). Upanishads says that Brahman alone is real and exists. Purusha is a false association seen and believed in Maya or Ignorance.

Brahman when associates itself with a physical body it is called as “Purusha” or “Jiva”

Why Brahman associate itself with a physical body ?

Upanishads says that this association is a felt and not real, it is caused by Maya.

  • Like when you go to a dream and attach yourself to the dream world thinking it real and permanent. But that dream world was neither real nor your existence as physical body there.
  • Upanishads says that similarly you are thinking yourself as a Jiva within this waking world. This world is also not real and is manifestation of Maya.
  • The physical body to whom we consider as Real is nothing without the conscious Atman. Atman alone is seer, thinker, hearer e.t.c.
  • When this Brahman leaves the physical body, the same body is called as dead body

What is highlighted by Mahavakyas ?

Upanishads have also highlighted that there is no difference between Purusha and Brahman by using Mahavakyas :

  1. Tat tavam asi ( तत्त्वमसि ) – You are the Brahman
  2. ayam atma brahma (अयम् आत्मा ब्रह्म) – This Atman is Brahman who created this world and the Jiva.
  3. aham brahmāsmi ( अहं ब्रह्म अस्मि) – I ( Jiva) am the Brahman
  4. Prajnanam brahma (प्रज्नानम ब्रह्म ) – Atman is Brahman, he is Consciousness.


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