Difference between Purusha and Brahman
Difference between Purusha and Brahman

Difference between Purusha and Brahman

There is nothing called Purusha ( Jiva ). Upanishads says that Brahman alone is real and exists. Purusha is a false association seen and believed in Maya or Ignorance.

Brahman when associates itself with a physical body it is called as “Purusha” or “Jiva”

Brahman association with physical body

Upanishads says that this association is a felt and not real, it is caused by Maya.

  • Like when you go to a dream and attach yourself to the dream world thinking it real and permanent. But that dream world was neither real nor your existence as physical body there.
  • Upanishads says that similarly you are thinking yourself as a Jiva within this waking world. This world is also not real and is manifestation of Maya.
  • The physical body to whom we consider as Real is nothing without the conscious Atman. Atman alone is seer, thinker, hearer e.t.c.
  • When this Brahman leaves the physical body, the same body is called as dead body

Teachings of Mahavakyas

Upanishads have also highlighted that there is no difference between Purusha and Brahman by using Mahavakyas :

  1. Tat tavam asi ( तत्त्वमसि ) – You are the Brahman
  2. ayam atma brahma (अयम् आत्मा ब्रह्म) – This Atman is Brahman who created this world and the Jiva.
  3. aham brahmāsmi ( अहं ब्रह्म अस्मि) – I ( Jiva) am the Brahman
  4. Prajnanam brahma (प्रज्नानम ब्रह्म ) – Atman is Brahman, he is Consciousness.


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