वीरभोग्या वसुन्धरा
वीरभोग्या वसुन्धरा

Virbhogya Vasundhara (वीरभोग्या वसुन्धरा)

Virbhogya Vasundhara is a Sanskrit phrase is mentioned in Shiv Purana & Parashar Smriti.  The meaning of Virbhogya Vasundhara is “Earth is fit to be ruled by the brave”

Source of Virbhogya Vasundhara

Reference in Shiva Purana:

As mentioned in Shiva Purana – Rudra Samhita, Yudh Khanda, Chatper 32 verse 18 

The Shankachuda(शंखचूड ) replies to Puspadanta (पुष्पदंत), who was the emissary of Lord Shiva.

राज्यं दास्ये न देवेभ्यो वीरभोग्या वसुंधरा ।
रणं दास्यामि ते रुद्र देवानां पक्षपातिने  ।।

Shankachuda (शंखचूड ) said – I will never return the kingdom to the god. The earth shall be enjoyed by heroic warriors. O Siva, I shall fight with you who are a partisan of the gods.

Reference in Parashar Smriti (पाराशर स्मृति ):

Second reference for this phrase is mentioned in Parashar Smriti (पाराशर स्मृति ) verse 67

न श्रीः कुलक्रमाज्जाता भूषणोल्लिखिताऽपि वा ।
खड्गेनाक्रम्य भुञ्जीत वीरभोग्या वसुन्धरा ।।

Goddess Laxmi is not born in one’s lineage by tradition, prosperity is not assigned to anyone. Those who desire it should use the sword, because
earth shall be enjoyed by heroic warriors.


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