Narayaneeyam (नारायणीयम्)  is a Sanskrit text, comprising of summarized poetic form of the Bhagavata Purana. It was composed by Narayana Bhattathiri, (1560–1666 AD) one of the celebrated Sanskrit poets in Kerala.

The Bhagavata Purana is a major Hindu scripture consisting of about 18,000 verses, mainly devoted to the worship of Krishna. Narayaneeyam consists of 1036 verses, divided into 100 dasakams or chapters, each dasakam consisting of approximately 10 slokas. 

Out of 100 Dasakams , the Dasakam 69 called as Rasa Kreeda is more popular.

Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 69 – Sanskrit with English meaning

हारजालवनमालिकाललितमङ्गरागघनसौरभम् ।
रासकेलिपरिभूषितं तव हि रूपमीश कलयामहे ॥१॥

Oh God I meditate on your very famous soulful form , Which was specially decorated for performance of Rasa Kreeda, With an array of peacock feathers arranged on your tresses,
With the ear globes on the pattern of fish moving here and there, With several type of necklaces and forest flower garlands, With body profusely fragrant with the sandal and other pastes applied, With the dress made of yellow silk over which a girdle is tied,
And with the gem studded anklets with bright rays of light. 69.1

तावदेव कृतमण्डने कलितकञ्चुलीककुचमण्डले
गण्डलोलमणिकुण्डले युवतिमण्डलेऽथ परिमण्डले ।
अन्तरा सकलसुन्दरीयुगलमिन्दिरारमण सञ्चरन्
मञ्जुलां तदनु रासकेलिमयि कञ्जनाभ समुपादधा: ॥२॥

And then when all the lasses wearing all ornaments properly, And with wearing a shield over their high warring breasts, And with gem studded ear ornaments waving over their cheeks, Stood in a circular formation round you, Oh Padmanabha , Oh Consort of Goddess Lakshmi, You started moving round in between every two beauties, And also moved around the complete collection of pretty lasses, And performed the very pretty Rasa Kreeda faultlessly. 69.2

वासुदेव तव भासमानमिह रासकेलिरससौरभं
दूरतोऽपि खलु नारदागदितमाकलय्य कुतुकाकुला ।
नाकतो युगपदागता वियति वेगतोऽथ सुरमण्डली ॥३॥

Oh Vasudeva ,Hearing about the very rare beauty of your Rasa Kreeda, Which was performed prettily in the banks of Yamuna along with passion, From the sage Narada who described it from a far away distance, All the devas whose curiosity was raised very high,
Along with several beauties who had dressed and ornamented well, Came very speedily from heaven at the same time and stood in the sky. 69.3

लोभनीयमृदुपादपातकृततालमेलनमनोहरम् ।
पाणिसंक्वणितकङ्कणं च मुहुरंसलम्बितकराम्बुजं
श्रोणिबिम्बचलदम्बरं भजत रासकेलिरसडम्बरम् ॥४॥

Oh Devotees please pray the passionate outburst of Rasa Kreeda, Which was done with the sweet songs sung along with the music of the flute, And the very slow and regular pretty steps and hand claps of the dancers, With the jingling sound made by the bangles in the back ground, With dance steps in which you placed your hands on the shoulders of the beauties, And with the sound of the tearing cloths worn over hip by the Gopis. 69.4

स्पर्धया विरचितानुगानकृततारतारमधुरस्वरे
नर्तनेऽथ ललिताङ्गहारलुलिताङ्गहारमणिभूषणे ।
सम्मदेन कृतपुष्पवर्षमलमुन्मिषद्दिविषदां कुलं
चिन्मये त्वयि निलीयमानमिव सम्मुमोह सवधूकुलम् ॥५॥

When due to intense competition between them, They sang the songs sweetly and very loudly, And due to their movement based on the tune, The necklaces and other jeweled ornaments, Occupied wrong places due to the special dances, And those devas and their women folk, Watched happily and showered flowers On the dancers and were completely bewitched, And they got mixed with you who is divine, And also became very much totally entranced. 69.5

स्विन्नसन्नतनुवल्लरी तदनु कापि नाम पशुपाङ्गना
कान्तमंसमवलम्बते स्म तव तान्तिभारमुकुलेक्षणा ॥
काचिदाचलितकुन्तला नवपटीरसारघनसौरभं
वञ्चनेन तव सञ्चुचुम्ब भुजमञ्चितोरुपुलकाङ्कुरा ॥६॥

One of those lasses was exhausted due to sweat and the activities, And not able to bear the tiresomeness, with half closed eye due to fatigue, Leaned on your very pretty shoulders and another lass with very disheveled hair, Due to thrill of joy that ran all over her body, profusely kissed your arm, Which was fragrant due to concentrated application of sandal paste. 69.6

कापि गण्डभुवि सन्निधाय निजगण्डमाकुलितकुण्डलं
पुण्यपूरनिधिरन्ववाप तव पूगचर्वितरसामृतम् ।
इन्दिराविहृतिमन्दिरं भुवनसुन्दरं हि नटनान्तरे
त्वामवाप्य दधुरङ्गना: किमु न सम्मदोन्मददशान्तरम् ॥७॥

Another Gopi due to the good things that she has done, When her ear rings waved , pressed her cheek against yours, And enjoyed the water from your mouth mixed with betel nut, And like that, these maidens having got control over you, Who is the playground of the Goddess and one who is very pretty, Attained the intoxication that they have never experienced. 69.7

गानमीश विरतं क्रमेण किल वाद्यमेलनमुपारतं
ब्रह्मसम्मदरसाकुला: सदसि केवलं ननृतुरङ्गना: ।
नाविदन्नपि च नीविकां किमपि कुन्तलीमपि च कञ्चुलीं
ज्योतिषामपि कदम्बकं दिवि विलम्बितं किमपरं ब्रुवे ॥८॥

Oh God slowly the music stopped and the dance also stopped, And those Gopis enjoyed you completely without music and drums, Started dancing in that gathering and not only that, They were not completely aware of their dress, Or tying of their hair or using cloth to hide their breasts, And all the planets and stars seeing this stood still. What more can I say? 69.8

मोदसीम्नि भुवनं विलाप्य विहृतिं समाप्य च ततो विभो
केलिसम्मृदितनिर्मलाङ्गनवघर्मलेशसुभगात्मनाम् ।
मन्मथासहनचेतसां पशुपयोषितां सुकृतचोदित-
स्तावदाकलितमूर्तिरादधिथ मारवीरपरमोत्सवान् ॥९॥

After that ,Oh Lord you blessed the entire world with a great joyous state, And also stopped the love sports and those beautiful Gopis , Who were more pretty due to their body being covered with sweat, Due to the great effort involved in the dance sport of Rasa Kreeda, And whose mind was not able to tolerate their demands of passion, And who were blessed due to the good acts they have done, Were satisfied by sufficient passionate love play by you, When you assumed as many forms as there were Gopis. 69.9

स्वैरमीश ननु सूरजापयसि चारुनाम विहृतिं व्यधा: ।
काननेऽपि च विसारिशीतलकिशोरमारुतमनोहरे
सूनसौरभमये विलेसिथ विलासिनीशतविमोहनम् ॥१०॥

Oh God, you engaged yourself in several types of love play, With those damsels who were cherished and fondled with love, In the waters of the river Yamuna with extreme prettiness,
And not only that you also took these damsels to the forests, Which was made mind stealing by the cool breeze there, And which was full of scents of various types of flowers,
And engaged yourself in amorous dalliance in those shades. 69.10

कामिनीरिति हि यामिनीषु खलु कामनीयकनिधे भवान्
पूर्णसम्मदरसार्णवं कमपि योगिगम्यमनुभावयन् ।
ब्रह्मशङ्करमुखानपीह पशुपाङ्गनासु बहुमानयन्
भक्तलोकगमनीयरूप कमनीय कृष्ण परिपाहि माम् ॥११॥

Oh treasure of all that is attractive , like this you spent the entire night, And bestowed on those Gopika lasses the happiness that could only be got, By those very great yogis and which was indefinable, And created a fame for them even among Gods like Shiva and Brahma, And oh God who has a form which can be understood only by devotees,
Oh very pretty one, Oh Lord Krishna, please protect me always. 69.11

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