Panchatantra (पञ्चतन्त्र ) is an ancient Indian Sanskrit text of interrelated animal fables. It was written by Vishnu Sharma.’

Panchatantra means “collection of five tantra” (पञ्च + तन्त्र)

Panchatantra was originally written in Sanskrit language and it constitutes five books or tantras, in it all tantras there are 84 stories.

Panchatantra is divided into five parts, each part contains a main story, called the frame story, which in turn contains several stories, as one character narrates a story to another.

The five tantra ( तन्त्र ) of the Panchatantra are :

1. Mitra-bheda (मित्रभेद )  – The loss of friends
2. Mitra-lābha (मित्रलाभ ) – The winning of friends
3. Kākolūkīyam (काकोलुकीयम् )  – The story of the crows and the owls
4. Labdhapraṇāśam (लब्धप्रणाश )  – On Losing What You have Gained
5. Aparīkṣitakārakaṃ (अपरीक्षित कारक)  – effects of hasty actions

Panchatantra is the best books to teach how to deal with people in life and to learn moral values as each story has a hidden moral.


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