न हि द्रष्टुर्दृष्टेर्विपरिलोपो

Seer’s sight never cease

The Shruti statement is mentioned in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4.3.23

Rishi Yajnavalkya is explaining to the King Janaka, about the Sushupti state and said that the seer’s sight never cease, even when he goes to Sushupti state ( Deep Sleep).

Atman is the seer in this statement. When seen in relative meaning, Atman exists in Sushupti state take without seeing other objects because there are no other objects in Sushupti apart from Atman.

न हि द्रष्टुर्दृष्टेर्विपरिलोपो विद्यते – Complete Shruti

न हि द्रष्टुर्दृष्टेर्विपरिलोपो विद्यतेऽविनाशित्वात् । न तु तद्द्वितीयमस्ति ततोऽन्यद्विभक्तं यत्पश्येत् 

English Meaning

there is no cessation of the sight of the seer, because the seer is imperishable. In Sushupti state there is no other object present separate from the seer , which he could see.


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