Why did Rishi Maitreya curse Duryodhana?
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Rishi Maitreya visits Dhritarashtra

As mentioned in Mahabharata vana parva – chapter 10, Rishi Maitreya (मैत्रेय) after meeting Pandavas in the Kamyaka van (काम्यक वन), and knowing that pandavas were defeated in the game of dice and were awarded 13 years of exile.

Rishi Maitreya approached the Dhritarashtra (धृतराष्ट्र) and Duryodhana (दुर्योधन) to advice them, that their actions are wrong and they should not fight with pandavas.

Advise of Rishi Maitreya to Duryodhana

Maitreya told Duryodhana : 

“O  Duryodhana! Listen to what I am saying it for your good, don’t indulge in a fight with the Pandavas. It is for the betterment of your own, Pandavas,  Kurus and this world. All the Pandavas are great warriors , gifted with the strength of ten thousand elephants, and their bodies hard as the Vajra. They have killed Rakshasas capable of assuming any form at will, such as  Hidimba (हिडिम्ब)and Kirmira (किर्मीर)”

Bhima has also killed Rakshasa Kirmira (किर्मीर)  who obstructed their path even like an immoveable hill. Bhima killed Jarasandha (जरासंध), who possessed the strength of ten thousand elephants. Related to Vasudeva and having the sons of king Drupada as their brothers-in-law, which human would undertake a fight with them ? Let there be peace between you and the Pandavas! ”

Rishi Maitreya’s curse to Duryodhana

When Rishi Maitreya noticed that even after listening to his advice Duryodhana is not replying to him and was scratching the earth.

Rishi Maitreya got angry and said to Duryodhana :

यस्मात्त्वं मामनादृत्य नेमां वाचं चिकीर्षसि ।
तस्मादस्याभिमानस्य सद्यः फलमवाप्नुहि ।।
त्वदभिद्रोहसंयुक्तं युद्धमुत्पत्स्यते महत् ।
यत्र भीमो गदापातैस्तवोरुं भेत्स्यते बली ।। – Mahabharata 3.10.33

“You have shown disrespect towards me, therefore you will soon get the fruit of your arrogance. Because of your hate towards pandavas, there will be a great war in which Bhima shall smash your thigh using his mace”


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