Kākutstha (काकुत्स्थ)

Kākutstha (काकुत्स्थ) – means “one who is an offspring of Kakutstha” (ककुत्स्थ अपत्य​)

Sri Rama got the name Kākutstha (काकुत्स्थ) because he was born in the dynasty of Kakutstha (ककुत्स्थ)

King Kakutstha (ककुत्स्थ)

King Kakutstha (ककुत्स्थ) was the grandson of Iksvaku (इक्ष्वाकु)  and was son the Vikuksi (विकुक्षि).

King Kakutstha has another names as Puranjaya (पुरञ्जय) and Indravaha (इन्द्रवाह)

पुरञ्जयस्तस्य सुत इन्द्रवाह इतीरित: ।
ककुत्स्थ इति चाप्युक्त: श‍ृणु नामानि कर्मभि: ॥ Srimad Bhagavata Purana 9.6.12

Indra requested Kakutstha to help them to fight against demons, on his request Kakutstha said that he will only fight by riding Indra in the form of a bull.

Since he rode Indra therefore he is called as Indravaha (इन्द्रवाह) and he rode holding the hump of bull, so he called as Kakutstha (ककुत्स्थ)

ककुत्स्थ means वृषरूपधरस्य देवेन्द्रस्य ककुदि तिष्ठति यः सः ( ककुत् + स्था + कः )

Reference in Ramayana

भक्तश्च य: कार्तिकेये काकुत्स्थ भुवि मानवः।
आयुष्मान् पुत्रपौत्रैश्च स्कन्दसालोक्यतां व्रजेत्।। – Ramayana Balakanda 37.32

O son of the Kakustha ! whosoever reveres Kartikeya on this earth with devotion and faith, shall have a long life, sons and grandsons and after death will reach the world of Skanda”.

एवमेव मनुष्याणां पिता माता गृहं वसु ।
अवासमात्रं काकुत्स्थ सज्जन्ते नात्र सज्जनाः ।। – Ramayana, Ayodhakanda 108.6

“Similarly, father, mother, home and wealth are resting places to a man. The wise do not get attached to them, O son of Kakutstha”


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