Lineage of Bhagiratha

Lineage of King Harishchandra

In the lineage of King Harishchandra was born his son Rohit (रोहित), Rohit’s son was Harita (हरित), Harita’s Son was Campa (चम्प), Campa’s son was Sudeva (सुदेव), Sudeva’s Son was Vijaya, Vijaya’s son was Bharuka (भरुक), Bharuka’s son was Vrka (वृक), Vrka’s son was Bahuka (बाहुक:)

King Bahuka exile in forest and birth of Sagara

The enemies of King Bahuka (बाहुक:) took away all his kingdom, and therefore the King Bahuka along with his wife went to forest. Bahuka died when he was old, and his wife decided to perform Sati along with him. But rishi Aurva knowing her to be pregnant, stopped her from dying.

Knowing that she was pregnant, the co-wives of the wife of Bahuka conspired and gave her poison in her food, but poison does not impacted the child. Her son was born along with the poison, therefore he became famous as Sagara [“one who is born with poison (गर)”]

सह तेनैव सञ्जात: सगराख्यो महायशा:  – Bhagavata Purana 9.8.4

one who is born with poison (गर), therefore called Sagara (सगर)


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