Balarama and the demon Pralambasura

Balarama and Demon Pralambasura

Pralambasura (प्रलम्बासुर​) is an asura killed by Balarama. Pralamba entered the cowherd group, disguised as a cowherd boy.

Krishna suggested that they will play a game involving contending parties. Krishna and Balarama divided the boys into two groups and determined that the losers would have to carry the winners on their shoulders.

When Sridama and Vrsabha, members of Balarama’s group won, Krishna and another boy carried them on their shoulders. Pralambasura thought that the Lord Sri Krishna would be too great an opponent to contend with, so the demon fought with Balarama instead and was defeated.

Pralamba lost and was forced to carry Balarama on his back. However Pralamba then transformed himself into a larger form and tried to run off with Balarama still clinging to him.

When Balarama saw his form, he struck the demon’s head with his fist. This blow shattered Pralambasura’s head, thus killing the demon who fell upon the ground.

द‍ृष्ट्वा प्रलम्बं निहतं बलेन बलशालिना ।
गोपा: सुविस्मिता आसन्साधु साध्विति वादिन: 

The cowherd boys were most astonished to see how the powerful Balarama had killed the demon Pralamba, and they exclaimed, “Wow! Wow!”

  • Reference – Sri Bhagavatam purana Skanda 10 Chapter 18


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