Panchadasi ( पंचदशी ) is a Sanskrit text on Advaita Vedanta written by Vidyaranya (विद्यारण्य), previously known as Madhavacharya (माधवाचार्य)

Panchdasi as the name suggest this text, “consisting of 15 Chapters grouped into three quintads. They are the three aspects of Brahman – sat (existence), cit (consciousness) and ananda (bliss), respectively.

Viveka-panchaka (विवेक-पचंक) – dealing with the discrimination of the real from the non-real
Dipa-panchaka (दीप-पचंक) – expounding the nature of the Self as pure consciousness
Ananda-panchaka (आनन्द-पचंक) – dwelling on the bliss-nature of Brahman

Vidyaranya was born around 1300 A.D. in Shalivahan (शालिवाहन) South India.

He established Vijayanagar Empire in 1335 AD with the help of Hukkayaray and Bukkaray. He was also Prime Minister of the Vijayanagar empire. Vidyaranya, was also the spiritual head of Sringeri Math in 1377 A.D to 1386 A.D. He died in 1391 AD.

Vidyaranya also wrote Drk-Drsya-Viveka.

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